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10 Ways Facility Managers Can Improve the Quality of Work Environments

A Facility Manager's main responsibility is to protect and extend the value of facilities. They also play a big part in improving the work environment and keeping employees comfortable.  If your organization is planning to expand their main facility, start a green initiative, retrofit, or they're just plain concerned about making the work place better, here a some good points you can tak...

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6 Ways to Keep Track of Your Maintenance Tools at Work

It can be tough to keep track of where maintenance tools are, especially when you have to share them with, not so organized, co-workers. A lot of time can be wasted looking for misplaced tools that you need to do your job. Not to mention it comes with a certain level of aggravation that tends to affect how nice you feel like being for the rest of the day. So to help, we've compiled a few...

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