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2014 CMMS Software Buyers' Trends

Written by  Ryan Noble

2014_BuyerView_Survey_ResultsThe metrics are out! Software Advice, an online service that helps people find the right software for their organization, has released the newest statistics on CMMS buyers trends for 2014. The graphs provided give insight into the demographics of today's prospective maintenance departments and what they are looking for in a CMMS. Last years research study focused on current users which can be viewed at the end of this article.  The 2014 BuyerView results are right on par with what Que Centre is currently offering and what we have planned for improvements this year.  

Here is how Que Centre is providing solutions for today's maintenance departments.


64% of maintenance departments are currently using manual methods or nothing at all.

Que Centre offers an easy transition from using email, Excel, or homegrown systems to manage maintenance work. Our main goal when making improvements to our software is to keep it as simple as possible so anyone can pick it up and run with it. Most features are available within a few mouse clicks and the interface won't overwhelm you with options.  Also, our support team handles setup of the software. You won't have to dedicate weeks to get data into the system before you can start using it.  It will be ready to go from the time you first log in.


41% of CMMS buyers are looking for 6+ users.  

Most companies will sell their web based system "per user," making them expensive at higher user levels. At Que Centre we decided that offering the same wrapped up package based on individual users isn't fair to buyers.  Our CMMS is priced based on features that are needed within one of two user ranges (1-5 and 6+). You can mix and match our modules which include work order management, preventive maintenance scheduling, inventory managementasset management, and event scheduling (mainly for school districts). The best part is once you get past our 6 user price point, we don't care how many users you have; the price will never change as long as you don't add or subtract modules from your subscription.


76% of the organizations looking to buy CMMS software employ 21 - 500 employees.  

This statistic justifies our approach to servicing mainly small to mid-sized organizations.  At this level, maintenance departments are looking for a basic system that can give them the freedom to organize and prioritize their work without the hassles of spreadsheets and filing cabinets. Que Centre's module based platform makes it easy to tailor each software instance to the specific needs of the organization.  You'll get exactly what you need at the right price.

If you're interested in learning more, below is Software Advice's 2013 UserView survey results.

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