Facilities Maintenance News

How To Make Buildings Sustainable

Sustainability is the topic of the century for professionals of the built environment. The big question is, how are we going to sustain our way of living when we increasingly consume, pollute, and destroy natural resources? As a Facility Manager, you can take an active role in the effort to reduce the consumption of non-renewable resources. You might have heard the term "Net Zero Energy ...

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How to Detect Air Leaks In Your Facility

It's that time of year again, at least for us up north. An easy way to minimize heating costs during the winter season is to conduct an air leak audit on your facilities. As much as 40% savings (https://www.airbarrier.org) can be seen by sealing up those elusive leaks. The question is how do you go about locating them? Well, there are a few different methods that will allow you to visual...

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