CMMS Data - Obtain Accuracy By Ensuring 100% Work Order Entry

CMMS Data - Obtain Accuracy By Ensuring 100% Work Order Entry

Lets start with the obvious fact that computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) software was created to manage maintenance issues.  It was also created to give maintenance managers insight into their operations and how effective the team is at satisfactorily providing maintenance services.  How well that insight reflects their actual operation depends on the accuracy of the data being entered into the CMMS software.

The best way to ensure data accuracy is to make sure each and every maintenance request is entered into the system. This is easier said than done when requests are being submitted in all kinds of ways.  In my mind, there are really only two ways to accomplish this.  

The first way is to only accept work requests that come in from the CMMS.  This may seem a little harsh (depending on whose asking for the maintenance work) but it most effectively ensures each request is documented in the software.  

The other way is to put the responsibility on your maintenance team to enter incoming work orders before they start working.  This method is the riskier of the two because it puts the maintenance technician in control of what gets entered into the system.  The tech may decide a job is too insignificant to put in, or denies the request all together.

According to a survey conducted by in 2011, out of 701 CMMS users, only 23% of them are tracking 100% of their work orders in their system.  This means the other 77% are reporting false representations of their maintenance operation.  Chances are good that you might not be getting the full picture.


As you go forward, keep this in mind and make an effort to keep work requests from falling through the cracks. Communicating with your team is your best weapon.  If they don't know the importance of keeping accurate data they won't be motivated to help you.

I hope this helps.  Happy St. Patty's week! (notice the green?)

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