How CMMS Software Can Help Train New Generations of Maintenance Professionals

How CMMS Software Can Help Train New Generations of Maintenance Professionals

training-cmmsHistorically, maintenance and facility professionals started their careers without formal education on how to do their jobs. Most likely they started as apprentices or hired hands.  As time has passed and the roles of today's maintainers has expanded, it's more difficult and costly for organizations to train the next generation if they rely solely on on-the-job training.    

According to a recent Forbes article, over 60% of professionals in a maintenance profession are above the age of 45 and 26% are over the age of 55; many retiring over the next five years.

Computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS) can be used to retain the years of expert knowledge and experience accrued by veteran maintenance professionals who are close to retirement.  Think of CMMS software as a virtual library that can store helpful tips and procedures to maintaining your organizations assets and equipment.  

How easy would it be for newer generations to pick up on best practices for maintenance when each work order they receive tells them step by step how to fix the problem!  Not to mention, when they are given a procedure to follow, they are less likely to get hurt on the job.

CMMS software will help your organization fight back against the increasing shortage of skilled workers, the increase in training costs, and the loss of expert knowledge.  The alternative is frantically searching for a highly skilled replacement for Joe "Facility Guy of 30 Years" when he decides to retire and doesn't leave you any documentation on how he did his job. 

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Ryan Noble

Ryan is Q Ware's Marketing Specialist.