Que Centre Version 2.0.78 Release Notes

Category: Software Updates
Category: Software Updates

Que Centre Version 2.0.78 Release Notes

The newest version of the Que Centre platform is finished and slated for release Saturday, January 18th.  If you experience any issues with your software instance after the release, please email our support team at support@quecentre.com.

Preventive Maintenance Module

  • Added a Work History tab to the edit page for Equipment.  This shows all work orders ever performed against the piece of Equipment that is being edited
  • Added the ability to have custom fields available on the Equipment and Component edit pages
  • Added a copy equipment command to the Equipment list page
  • Added the ability to attach documents directly to a piece of Equipment or Component
  • Improved the navigation in the PM module between the PM Calendar and View PM Schedules screens.
  • Improved the navigation between the list pages and edit pages for the Equipment Categories, Equipment, Component, Procedures, Materials and Tools commands
  • Enlarged the size of the equipment image displayed on the equipment edit form

Event Scheduler Module

  • Added a new blocking style event that allows one event to schedule multiple locations up to an entire campus
  • Enabled the random recurrence choice when multiple locations have been chosen
  • Made conflict details available upon notification that a new or modified event would result in a conflict
  • Alphabetized the event list by default and enabled sorting by clicking on column headers
  • Added conflict checking when moving an event on the calendar

Work Order Module

  • Ensured that Inventory was deducted correctly when the Bulk Update command was used
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