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10 Reasons to Start Using Your CMMS Software More Effectively

Written by  Ryan Noble

1. Long Equipment Downtimes


Depending on the industry you serve, the effects of down equipment can range from inconvenience to extensive profit loss.  Your organization can turn into a black hole of inefficiency without a way to track and improve the repair time of failed equipment.  Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) software can track repair efficiency through status changes and time stamps. Looking at the difference in time between statuses will give you an idea of where time can be saved in the repair process.  

2. High Percentage of Reactive Maintenance Work

It's not fun being surprised all day will unexpected equipment breakdowns.  Getting a handle on your preventive maintenance to reactive maintenance ratio will help keep the fires to a minimum so you can take control of your maintenance work flow. Anywhere from 75 - 85% of your time should be spent on preventive maintenance. CMMS software will allow you to easily set up schedules to make sure these PM tasks are getting done.

3. High Cost of Maintenance

Needless to say high inefficiency comes with high cost.  Just the cost of spare parts to repair neglected equipment can significantly affect your maintenance operating costs.  Wouldn't it be nice to have a little extra in your budget for things like new tools?  Your CMMS can save your budget and your time.

4. Inadequate Preventive Maintenance (PM) Program

The best way to keep your equipment running smoothly is to do preventive maintenance systematically. CMMS software can be loaded up with pm procedures that show technicians what they need to check. Auditing a few of these tasks will help to make sure your team is doing their job correctly.

5. Low Reliability/MTBF

If your system does not support predictive maintenance technology, the best way to curb a reliability problem is to make predictions using past data.  Most CMMS software will give you the data to track failure types and frequency of failure. Create Pareto Graphs using your failure data to see which issues are the most problematic.  Once you know where the problems lie, change up your pm procedures and/or schedules to increase prevention levels.

6. Poor Relationship With Operations

Maintenance departments can be compared to the father of a large family; working all day, very rarely is appreciated, and expected to keep everyone happy all the time.  That being said maintenance needs to be as responsive as possible in order to keep operations functioning.  Streamlining processes, tracking Key Performance Indicators (KPI's), and doing your PM's consistently will help keep everyone happy.

7. Out of Control MRO Inventory

A key indicator that your maintenance operations are running inefficiently is having large stockpiles of spare parts.  This is like preparing for a zombie apocalypse before the first outbreak.  Tracking equipment failures and specific faults in your CMMS will give you an idea of which parts you need to keep readily on-hand and those you can order as needed.

8. Lack of Record Keeping

We are all used to coping with a sluggish economy by now and so are the heads of your organization. With budgets getting cut down to unstable levels, it would be nice to have a way of justifying your payroll and expenses with the bosses.  CMMS reporting will give you the evidence to advocate for your department.

9. Sub-Par Safety for Maintenance Staff

A lack of standardization and procedure documentation can lead to all sorts of unsafe and unreliable ways of fixing equipment.  Even worse, your organization could be liable if someone gets hurt because proper procedures were not available.  Protect your team and your organization by uploading proper procedures into your CMMS.

10. Excessive Overtime 

Usually a direct result of too much reliance on reactive maintenance, overtime can kill your budget, and in this economy the probability of getting new people to plug the hole of your inefficient operation won't happen. Reduce your obligation to reactive maintenance by implementing solid PM schedules.


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