5 Reasons To Do Preventive Maintenance

5 Reasons To Do Preventive Maintenance


Preventive maintenance is the core of any maintenance program. Unfortunately, many find it hard to convince others it's worth doing or they can't seem to find the time to stick with it. The truth is, the benefits of PM aren't seen right away and it is hard to quantify its value. However, in the long term, PM proves it's worth because of these five reasons.


Reason 1: Extends Equipment Life

Think of the vehicle you drive. You wouldn't run it for year's without changing the oil would you? Most likely not. You would expect it to dry up and seize within the first year or two. The same goes for facility assets. Scheduled services will extend their useful life. 

Reason 2: Reduces Costs

Extended useful life and fewer failures means fewer replacement purchases. There are also reduced costs associated with contracting service professionals. When your in-house staff doesn't have the necessary skills or qualifications to fix critical issues, expensive contracting is the only option. Beyond a reduction in the direct costs of maintenance, there are reductions in indirect costs such as lost productivity and revenue.

Reason 3: Saves Energy

Poorly lubricated mechanical systems, dirty or corroded motors, clogged air filters, these are just a few examples of why energy costs increase over time without preventive maintenance. Manufacturer recommended maintenance schedules should be used to ensure optimal energy savings.

Reason 4: Improves Occupant Experiences

The number one and number two most common facility complaints are because facilities are too hot or too cold. Running equipment to failure will cause occupants to complain, a lot, and will draw unwanted attention to the facilities department. When a proper PM program is in place, the facilities team should become an invisible operation.

Reason 5: Makes Your Job Easier

When things stop becoming emergencies requiring your immediate attention, your work is easier to manage. You'll experience fewer calls, emails, and stops in the hall because something went haywire. Plus, occupants will like you more when facilities are running smoothly and you will feel more in control of what commands your attention.


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