Preventive Maintenance Checklist Worksheet - Free Download

Preventive Maintenance Checklist Worksheet - Free Download

Do you need help starting or managing your PM program? Here is a preventive maintenance checklist worksheet that you can use to help improve your current process. Maintenance managers can enter equipment names, locations, and required tools along with step by step procedures for completing PM work. Using this preventive maintenance checklist worksheet not only makes it easy for technicians to complete tasks, it will help standardize the work being done.

When technicians get a PM work order, everything about that particular task is right there in the worksheet, all they have to do is mark down any faults discovered, check the boxes, sign, date, and turn it in either electronically or hard copy.

This worksheet works best with a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) like Que Centre. Our preventive maintenance software can automatically create and assign PM work orders with the worksheet already attached. The best part of using a CMMS is it doesn't leave a paper trail. Your entire preventive maintenance program can be managed electronically.   

Adobe Acrobat Reader works best with the editable PDF version.

Download the Preventive Maintenance Checklist Worksheet by clicking below.

Ryan Noble

Ryan is Q Ware's Marketing Specialist.