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ISO 55000 Asset Management Standardization: How CMMS Software Can Help

As organizations grow, so will the need for standardization and process improvement. Without these elements, the culture of "fighting fires" will continue to be the norm for maintenance departments. Standardized asset management programs such as those outlined by the International Standards Organization (ISO), establish benchmarks for asset quality control leading to fewer down times, lo...

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CMMS Data - Obtain Accuracy By Ensuring 100% Work Order Entry

Lets start with the obvious fact that computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) software was created to manage maintenance issues.  It was also created to give maintenance managers insight into their operations and how effective the team is at satisfactorily providing maintenance services.  How well that insight reflects their actual operation depends on the accuracy of the data ...

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5 Things You Need to Do to Find the Best CMMS Software

Before you go about finding the best CMMS software for your organization, it must be said that there are hundreds of vendors, each with their own idea of what is important to maintenance professionals. No one CMMS is best for all.  Going through these five steps will help you determine exactly what you should be be looking for.   1. Create Maintenance Goals To find the best CMMS software...

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