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4 Steps to Developing a Sustainability Plan For Facilities

In today's market place, it's easy for organizations to lose sight of sustainability in lieu of cost cutting and trying to do more with less. The fact is, sustainable practices CAN save organizations money while preserving our environment for future generations.   Facility maintenance departments have opportunities to make real differences by being champions for sustainable work environm...

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Why You Should Reconsider Buying Enterprise Level Maintenance Software

Have you ever been a part of a team that is using a complex enterprise software system and thought, “This is too much software”? If you have, you’re not the only one. Having worked with several enterprise systems over the years, I have come to a common conclusion - that something simpler would have been better. Large organizations usually require enterprise level software because of thei...

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How to Start a Preventive Maintenance Program From Scratch

The point of any preventive maintenance program is to identify equipment failures in their early stages so you, as a maintenance activity can coordinate the man hours and logistics required to prevent breakdowns. Figuring out the best scheduling intervals for different PM tasks can be difficult if you don't have OEM manuals to get you started. Luckily, there have been studies on this top...

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Customizable Maintenance Software vs. Canned Maintenance Software

Are you still relying on paper, Excel, email, Access, or other unorganized homegrown systems to keep track of your work histories and equipment?  If you have been thinking about making the jump into maintenance software from what you are currently using, you may be wondering about the impact on your team when making the switch. If you are in this situation, you would be one of many that ...

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How to Measure the Effectiveness of Your Maintenance Programs

An effective maintenance program starts with identifying benchmark criteria.  You might think that the best metric for bench marking would be the reliability and life cycle cost of the equipment. Well, you would be right but, that is just one piece of the puzzle. Expanding maintenance programs to encompass other responsibilities such as sustainability and utilization optimization makes t...

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Why Should I Choose a Web Based CMMS Application vs. On Premise?

If you're in the market for a maintenance management solution, but are unsure of the benefits and drawbacks of different delivery options, this post will help you to clear the water as to why you should consider a web-based CMMS versus an on-premise solution.  First things first, we have to define what each of these terms mean.   A web-based CMMS application is sold as a Software as a Se...

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